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SEWCTET aims to develop and maintain an inclusive partnership which promotes high standards of provisionconsistency of delivery and a common strategic approach in the delivery of Initial Teacher Education and Training in South East Wales. Through our collaboration together and in consultation with the wider profession across the region, we will produce documents and policies for the delivery of ITET in South East Wales.

Please note that the website is currently being updated for the new academic year so please ensure that you check documentation relates to 2014-2015 before use.

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Planning and Student Teacher Files


Placement Expectations – Teaching Time


General Principles

Primary Placements

Secondary Placements


Guidance for Completion of School Experience Files


The Planning and Evaluation File

The Evidence File (Primary)

The Progress File


Programme Handbooks


Graduate Teacher Programme (GTP) Handbooks


SEWCTET GTP Handbook 2014/15

Ideas for completion of Teaching Timetable

Ideas for completion of Training Plan Overview

SEWCTET GTP Partnership Agreement

SEWCTET GTP Trainee files content list

SEWCTET GTP Teaching Timetable

SEWCTET GTP Training plan overview

SEWCTET GTP School based training log

SEWCTET GTP Second school based training log

SEWCTET GTP University based training log

SEWCTET GTP Standards audit

SEWCTET GTP Secondary Lesson Plan

SEWCTET GTP Primary Key Stage 2 Session Plan

SEWCTET GTP Focused Activity Plan

SEWCTET GTP Planning for a sequence of lessons (primary)


University of South Wales Programme Handbooks


BA (Hons) Primary Studies Year 1

BA (Hons) Primary Studies Year 2 

BA (Hons) Primary Studies Year 3

BSc (Hons) Design Technology

Addendum - University of South Wales Regulations (Applies to Year 1 and PGCE Design Technology students)

BSc (Hons) Mathematics with Science/ICT or Science with Mathematics/ICT Year 1

BSc (Hons) Mathematics with Science/ICT or Science with Mathematics/ICT Year 2

PGCE Secondary Design and Technology


Cardiff Metropolitan University Programme Handbooks


BA (Hons) Secondary Education Part 1

BA (Hons) Secondary Education: Music

BA (Hons) Secondary Education: Welsh

PGCE Primary Education (Foundation Phase)

PGCE Primary Education (Key Stage 2)

PGCE Secondary Education Part 1

PGCE Secondary Art and Design

PGCE Secondary Design and Technology

PGCE Secondary Drama

PGCE Secondary English

PGCE Secondary History

PGCE Secondary ICT

PGCE Secondary Physical Education

PGCE Secondary Mathematics

PGCE Secondary Modern Foreign Languages

PGCE Secondary Music

PGCE Secondary Biology with Science

PGCE Secondary Chemistry with Science

PGCE Secondary Physics with Science